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Whoa... yeah I still exist here ... kind of!
I've been tagged by :icontigryph: to post 8 facts about.. dun dun dun... Mihn!
The Bard again by Exarrdian


  1. Post these rules.
  2. Post 8 facts about your character.
  3. Tag 8 other characters.
  4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

    1. Mihn is idealistic and goes to great extends to be supportive. Not because he is ignorant or lives in a fantasy, no, it's because he trusts a broken spirit weights more than a broken body. Sometimes he'd cheer others even when he knows the cause is lost. He is likely the last one to give up.

    2. Yes it's Mihn, not Minh. When I created him I intentionally misspelled the name just to look different even if it's pronounced the same way. Whenever a new character is about to pop in my head they tend to stay in my head for a few days until I randomly encounter a name fitting for them. With Mihn, I only knew the first letter is M but that was about it. I was considering Mirai but it sounded too rough for someone gentle and kind like him. I was reading into FF2 at the time and saw the name Minwu, I liked how soft it sounded. So, it became Mihn! 

    3. He is asexual in case you shipped him. In his story he is a nightingale turned human and as such he has very child-like mannerism. He is friendly and easy to warm up to about anyone which likely can give mixed signals! Unfortunately if he had to pick a partner it would be when he is back to his original bird self and it would his bird companion - Pei Pei.

    4. Rice cakes, he loves those. He is not a picky eater but boy, he knows how to enjoy rice cakes. Peach tea is another favorite. He enjoys simple food, nothing spicey. He rather avoids eating meat.

    5. Easy to read, what is this concealed emotions you speak of? He is angry at you? It's spelled on his face. He wants to cheer you on? He will smile as if he is your biggest fan. You feel down? He will play you a song! You upset him? He will cast a look of betrayal as if you ate his candy, or worse. Rare are the times he feels truly agitated and when he feels he is giving in to negativity, he runs away as not to bother others. He shouts, he stops, he cries (a lot) but that's when he is only with himself. He is also short. Like... very short. 155-160cm? Poor short stack.

    6. Bells and feathers! He is guilty of this. He simply loves the jingle of bells. You can see him doing child-like giggles whenever he hears such. Feathers, necklaces, bracelets, anything shiny he adores and would attach to his attire. That's why you may see earrings attached to his sash or necklace tied on his wrist. He finds odd places for these! He also collects gems, glass beads, anything glossy despite it's high or low value.

    7. He can't sleep in rooms. That's one way to get unhappy innkeepers. This poor bard simply can't sleep in closed places. The best he can do is sleep draped over the window frame. Otherwise he would rather sleep on roof tops, tree tops, hill tops etc. 

    8. But can he sing/play muscis? Yes, he can, I mean he is a bard for a reason and and he plays his axe guitar lute very very well. But as he plays gentle songs to soothe the soul, just like that he enjoys heavy metal. You heard that right. He is the kinda guy to play such music if it means to stir the spirits of the warriors and ensure a victory. In fact one of his war songs in my head is Rebellion by Gravediggers. An odd mix but as I said, he is a character of raw emotions. When the war calls, a war song is played and a bloody axe guitar is swung. 


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